is a brief guide to the villages of the Berkshire and Marlborough Downs with photos and information about each village. This website is an extended revision to and is an ongoing exercise. A list of all the Berkshire and Marlborough Downs villages is available here with links to the ones that have so far been photographed.

You are welcome to download any photo for your personal use and information about the license is available here. is optimised for browsing on a laptop or desktop computer. It can be browsed on a tablet or smart phone and links and thumbnails generally work as intended but links in the horizontal menu bar may not work, thereby denying access to parts of the website. Browsing BerksandMarlboroughDownsVillages on a smart phone is not ideal because of the size of the screen.


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Bing maps provide a choice of three views of the area, i.e.
- a road map to show the location of the village,
- an Ordnance Survey map for more detail, or
- an aerial view for added interest.

The greater detail on the Ordnance Survey maps (e.g. footpaths, woods, churches, pubs etc.) make them particularly useful for exploring the villages and surrounding area on foot.

All the Bing maps and views can be printed.

WHY NOT LOOK AT VILLAGES IN OXFORDSHIRE TOO? is a sister site to this website and is a similar guide to all the villages throughout Oxfordshire. Why not have a look.


Nowadays villages everyhere are cluttered with the evidence of 21st century life. Unfortunately power and telephone poles, road signs and parked vehicles often make it impossible to take unspoiled photographs. Wheelie bins too ruin the appearance of a village. Although I have tred to avoid refuse collection days regrettably sometimes this has just not been possible.
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24 March 2022 

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