Berwick Bassett is a vey small village laying off the main A4361 road and the upper reaches of the River Kennet, a winterbourne. It comprises mainly a few large period or recent houses and is dominated by two farms at either end of the village.

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Behind Manor Farm House (Old Manor House) at the edge of the village is St. Nicholas' Church, dating from the 13th century and now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

About half a mile north of the village is the abandoned medieval village of Richardson. The medieval settlement survives as a series of low rectangular building platforms, enclosures and trackways located either side of an east to west orientated hollow way which led to a fording point across the river. This represented the main thoroughfare through the settlement and remained in use as late as 1773, before being abandoned by 1844 and subsequently adapted for use as an open field drain.

Berwick Bassett is about 6 miles north-west of Marlborough and 8 miles south-west of Swindon on the A4361.

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Berwick Bassett