Winterbourne Monkton is a small but pretty village in the west of the Marlborough Downs at the foot of a low escarpment. The village lies just off the main Swindon to Avebury road. Houses in the village are mainly modern but with enough period properties to make it interesting and they are spaced out along a lane which eventually returns to the main road. Near the church there is a new development.

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The village church, The Church of St. Magdelan, has 12th century origins but was rebuilt in 1878. The roots of the church go back to 928AD when Glastonbury Abbey owned an estate here and monks from the abbey settled here and built a small chapel, though possibly in a different location. Set into the exterior of the south wall is a vent which allows a carved stone beam, thought to be late Saxon or early Norman, to be seen. Just outside the church is a tombstone made from a Sarsen stone from the nearby prehistoric barrow of Millbarrow. Another interesting feature of the chuch is the pair of tree trunks supporting the west tower.

About 0.75 miles south-west of Winterbourne Monkton is Windmill Hill, a classic example of a Neolithic "causewayed enclosure", with 3 concentric but intermittent ditches. Large quantities of animal bones found here indicate feasting, animal trading or rituals, or perhaps all three. It is part of the Avebury world Heritage site.

Winterbourne Monkton is about 1 mile north of Avebury and 6 miles north-west of Marlborough on the A4361.

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Winterbourne Monkton